Think Thrice

Think Thrice

Think Thrice is a filing cabinet. a quiet thinking place. a sandbox.

It’s where I come to work through my thoughts and log insights / so that I don’t lose track of all that I’m learning about how to make real change happen. 


To keep track of the different points along my journey, I’ve arranged the site into two sections. The Desk Research section will hold my reflections up to 2014. And the Field Research section will hold reflections from 2015 onward. Why this split? Read on!

Where did Think Thrice come from?

I started Think Thrice during a work term at MindLab - an innovation unit within the Danish government. Government innovation seemed like an oxymoron at the time, so I became intrigued (read: obsessed) with what MindLab was up to. I was lucky to be able join the team as they were starting their co-production portfolio. So, for 4 months during my MBA studies, I did desk research with the team and helped Christian Bason write this paper. I returned to Canada, finished my studies, and was looking for an organization with similar research interests. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to join the Social Innovation Generation (SiG) team.

I continued to blog during my time at SiG National - a think tank for social innovation. There, I joined as the program lead on Labs (that is, innovation units within governments, academic institutions, and non-profits). My role focused on research - writing - speaking; network weaving; and, convening practitioners in small and large groups. I had a tonne of access to ideas & people there.

From presenting at the Philanthropic Foundations of Canada Symposium; to co-writing the business plan for the Alberta’s $1B Social Innovation Endowment fund; to co-leading the 2015 3-day Global Lab Gathering with 40+ international lab practitioners; to developing an eight-city Cisco Telepresence public innovation round table with 90+ public servants; to convening a group of 30 local (Toronto-Montreal-Ottawa) lab practitioners to share and build on their craft.

My favourite part was the last point: creating the space for the 30 or so local lab practitioners to come together and talk about their craft - diving into specific questions about their practice / what was working or not working, what were they excited about, what things were they wrestling with. Hearing about their great work and great struggles with making change on the ground created urgency for me to get my hands dirty too. As my contract with SiG was ending, a new lab—led by some international social innovation heavyweights—was forming. So I jumped on board as partner and strapped myself onto the rocket ship that is InWithForward.

I look forward to sharing a new perspective since joining InWithForward - a design firm re-making social support services from the ground up. It has already challenged a lot of what I thought I knew about how to make meaningful social change / deepening my understand and providing more nuance to previous research and the experiences. I’m still sorting through it all, reconciling what I’m experiencing on the ground with the theory.

So, the Desk Research section refers to my learning and reflections up until the end of my time at SiG. And the Field Research seciont refers to new learning and reflection I'm doing at IWF. 

Thanks for visiting Think Thrice! 

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