Public Service Innovation

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At the moment, this page is more of a filing cabinet of resources for public sector innovation.


  • Public Innovator's Playbook: This book lays out a blueprint for how to help government embrace innovative approaches to daunting problems (Deloitte & Ash Institute Harvard)

  • Citizen 2.0: This paper discusses 17 highly successfuk examples of social media and government innovation that can serve as inspiration (Barkat, Jaeggli, Dorsaz)

  • The Challenge of Co-Production:This paper focusses on how increasing citizen participation can improve public service delivery (NESTA, nef)

  • Public Service Inside Out: This paper explores co-production in practice and provides clear case examples (NESTA, nef)

  • Right Here Right Now: This paper discusses step-by-step how to put co-production into action (NESTA, nef)

  • Capital Ideas: This paper discusses the actions leaders in the public sector can take to ensure that there is a constant flow of promising ideas into the federal government (The Young Foundation and Centre for American Progress)

  • Scaling New Heights: This paper discusses how to identify, nurture and scale-up local level public sector successes (The Young Foundation and Centre for American Progress)

  • Engage: Getting on with Government 2.0: This report discusses how Government 2.0 can make democracy more participatory and informed, improve the quality and responsiveness of services, and at the same time deliver services with greater agility and efficiency (Australian Government)

  • The Great Transition: This report argues that nothing short of a Great Transition to a new economy is necessary and desirable, and also possible and sketches out some of the steps to make a reality of the Great Transition (nef)